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5th January 2019
MBCS 19th Annual Charity Lunch - Inheritance of Love

“MBCS 19th Annual Charity Lunch”

Theme: Inheritance of Love
Date: 3 March 2019, Sunday
Time : 11.30am~2.30pm
Venue : Convention Hall SJK Yuk Chai ( C ) Jalan SS24/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

With 21 years of history, MBCS build a platform with a very Noble Aims for the Buddhists and non-Buddhists community to earn a living through right livelihood, and share the value of Dana (giving) to the needy at large addressing social issues related to cycles of life via our social enterprise service partners, namely confinement/birth care (, elderly/senior care ( & Hospy.Asia), rehabilitation/senior care (, hospitality/youth care (, and funeral care ( as members benefits!

Started with just funeral care servicing the community with the FIRST GENERATION OF CAREGIVERS & MEMBERS, we hope to celebrate our volunteers effort once again in this charity lunch by showcasing how every individuals can be active volunteers or social enterprise partners to give back to the community with LOVE and CARE for all members with the SECOND GENERATION OF CAREGIVERS & MEMBERS with the ultimate goal of providing co-housing for youths and seniors with a range of multi-faceted care services, which is aptly described in the theme: 'INHERITANCE OF LOVE'.

For ticketing from RM100 per lunch ticket and sponsorship, you are welcome to call:

Sis Linda 016-3280719
Sis Sandra 019-2274388

or visit to find out more!