Testimonials Volunteer
Sis. Leong Siew May -

"I found MBCS online while I was doing my research paper on Buddhist
funerals, and it turned out that the experience overwhelmingly
exceeded any hopes I held, and would actually mark a permanent turning
point in my academic and career goals. There was never a dull moment
when I visited them, as I worked on various projects at once, all
requiring me to contact new people, visit new places, and research new
subjects. One assignment was to evaluate the differences between
Taoist and Buddhist funeral by attending a solemn ceremony. This
required me to observe and document the whole funeral possession while
discussing my experience with the funeral directors. I was utterly
impressed with the differences made by MBCS service to those who lived
on and went on to assist in their charity lunch events. Overall, I
would recommend anyone to make a start as a volunteer with MBCS if
they ever want to take their life seriously by doing meaningful
contribution before their final moment'

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